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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Do So Many People Have Trouble with Evolution?

There is an NPR article up today called "Why do so Many People Have Trouble with Evolution?" There is nothing incredibly new here, but I thought it would make an interesting discussion. I do like that the author doesn't make the typical assumption that religion and evolution cannot go together. Rather, he says, "The problem seems to be related to the age-old God-of-the-Gaps agenda, that the more we understand of the world the less room there is for a creator God. This is bad theology, as it links belief to the development of science." What do you think about his statement that this is bad theology? I tend to agree, but I am curious what you will say.

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  1. I think what I've always wondered is why the two can't go together. The scientific evidence is there, and these amazing things happen in science all the time... to me, it makes me think about how totally fantastic the universe, however it happened. It makes me think if some kind of godlike entity did have something to do with it, that it's just this neverending, amazing thing that science can explain but can also be totally awesome at the same time.